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Excellent, they came on time and load everything within a short time, they made everything fit!! Excellent service.
Erin Huang

Will use your company for our relocation to Chicago.
John Duncan.
Coral Springs, Fl

John Duncan

Excellent! Great Job!
Prashtasr Reddy.

Prashtasr Reddy

I was very pleased service and professionalism of the movers. The employees were great at thoroughly advising me on how they were packing/loading. Through out the day they were very pleasant and polite. I would recommend this service.
Carmelita Cafarelli.
Pembroke Pines, Fl
Moving to: Portland, OR

Carmelita Cafarelli
Very professional service provided from all there men, I would highly recommend this service. Thank you.
Robert Courtny Peloquin

Packing Boxes new, antique or fragile, Wrapping all kinds of furniture by Packing Service

Loading all sizes of Pods Containers, Rental truck, International containers and trailers

Custom Wooden Crates by Packing Service, Inc.

Shrink Wrapping Palletizing for Global Shipping by Packing Service, Inc.

Shipping Nationwide and Worldwide by Packing Service, Inc.

Full Moving Services by Professionals

On-Site Packing, Loading, Crating, Palletizing and Shipping Nationwide Services 888-722-5774

Custom Wooden Crates for domestic and international shipping services, our professional teams build on-site custom crates for boxes, furniture and machinery in any size and weight, call now to get a flat rate quote with no misunderstandings and no hidden costs. PLEASE REFRESH THE PAGE TO SEE OUR PALLETIZING OR LOADING AND UNLOADING SERVICES VIDEOS
Moving Company Scam Information

Welcome to Packing Service, Inc.!

Packing Service, Inc. was established in 2003. We are a Packing Company that also specializes in Loading, Crating, Palletizing and Shipping services on-site nationwide. Packing Service, Inc. became a member of the Better Business Bureau in 2007 and since then has been consistently rated A+. As a company, we are very proud of our reputation for reliability, efficiency and professionalism. We are a one stop shop for all packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, crating, palletizing and shipping† services on-site nationwide. Our excellent reputation is due to our un-paralleled commitment to our customers. We treat your valuables as if they were our own and we hire only professional workers and companies under our policies and contracts. The level of commitment we have to our customers is what sets us apart from the rest. We provide only flat rate quotes with no hidden costs, no extra charges and no misunderstandings whatsoever! Packing Service, Inc. has no time/travel charges like most other moving companies. At Packing Service, Inc., we guarantee the price we give you up front is the price you will pay in the end.

Whether you require pack and load, loading and unloading, pack and ship, packing boxes or wrapping furniture services, we have you covered. We ask the right questions beforehand to provide one guaranteed flat rate quote. Our professional employees build custom wooden crates and provide palletizing and shrink wrapping services for shipping both Nationwide and Globally. When shipping expensive items, our craters will build custom wooden crates on-site (at your location) which will provide total protection for all your moving and shipping requirements. All custom crates can be built for any item you may require and are tailor made specifically for the size and weight of your valuables. When moving we recommend our Packing and Loading Pods Containers or Rental Truck services which is encompassed in our pack and load service.

Packing Service, Inc Logistics services in three core areas:
Packing / Unpacking Boxes, Wrapping Furniture, Loading / Unloading†Rental Trucks,†pods†containers†and†trailers for†Local,†Long†Distance†or†International†Moving†Services:

Our Packers†and loaders offer specialized services for any moving requirement. Regardless if you need pack and load, packing and loading pods containers, packing and unpacking, wrapping, Loading and Unloading services or every service; Packing Service, Inc. will professionally handle all your moving and shipping needs nationwide. Our multi-faceted services include packing and unpacking boxes containing fragile items or any household goods, protective wrapping of new and antique furniture, loading and unloading rental trucks 10-26 feet in length, loading and unloading trailers 10-53 feet in length and loading and unloading international shipping containers 20-40 feet in length.

Packing and Crating for Nationwide or International†Shipping†Services:

Packing Service, Inc. is a packing company whose #1 priority is to protect your valuables. We send experienced professionals to pack and crate your items on-site and prepare them for shipping to their destination with our pack and ship service. Being a Crating Company, we have all the necessary skills when shipping high value items such as personal goods or engineering equipment and machinery. Our skilled packers and craters build custom crates from quality wood that are tailor made specifically for the protection of your items. These are one-off Wooden Crates designed around your items. Only custom crates provide such protection and only wooden crates allow our packers and loaders to organize everything on-site. As always this is all covered by one guaranteed flat rate. The only information we require is: your location, size and weight of your item(s) and the destination which domestic or international shipping is required.

Packing, Wrapping, Palletizing, Shrink Wrapping and preparing for†Shipping†Services:

Palletizing and shrink wrapping your items is important because this protects and keeps your items together as one load. Shipping items one at a time and mixing your items with others increases the risk of damages. With our palletizing system, your items are only moved by forklift or pallet jack and are non-stackable during shipping to their destinations worldwide. Packing Service, Inc.ís professional packing and Shipping Services will completely protect your goods from start to finish.

Shipping Services is when you need to transport boxes, few pieces of furniture (small quantity), machinery or equipment palletized on pallets or in custom wooden crates.

Moving Services is when you need to transport household goods in large quantities in the same truck/container from one location to any place in the world by hand.

Our services focus on domestic and international shipping/moving for personal, business and industrial customers. When you are shipping high-value items such as: personal goods, engineering equipment or machinery, our skilled packers and craters will build custom wooden crates designed exactly for your items. These made to measure crates provide the best protection possible for your shipping needs.

Packing Service, Inc. is the only packing company protecting you from unethical practices like moving company scams. We alone provide free information on our website regarding moving scams, illustrating how to avoid scammers on local, long distance, or international moves. Our consistent A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is because of our extreme professionalism. Packing Service, Inc. is a packing company who wants to protect you from any and all Moving Scams.

It is our goal to provide exceptional service to all our customers nationwide. We will continue to grow and be recognized as the most professional provider and nationwide leader in on-site packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, crating, palletizing and shipping services. We are a professional packing company that will exceed all your expectations providing services such as: pack and ship, custom wooden crates, packing and loading pods containers and shrink wrapping. Packing Service, Inc. is uniquely both a packing and shipping company that will care for you and provide piece of mind guaranteed Flat Rate Quotes.

Please check our Pictures Gallery to see the way we provide services for: Packing, Wrapping, Loading and Unloading, Custom Crates and Palletizing, Click Here†or call us now to get a flat rate quote 888-722-5774

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Packing Service, Inc. opened for business in 2003 and for over 11 years has earned a reputation for excellence in the Crating and Shipping industry. Our custom built crates are one of a kind made to measure meaning they are … Continue reading
Packing Service, Inc. is a professional packing company that opened for business in 2003. Since then we have been providing the most professional packing services in the business. Whether you require us for Packing Boxes, packing furniture or even heavy … Continue reading