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Packing Services
Packing Services
Packing Services
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Furniture Packing Services
Furniture Packing Services

Tony was amazing†and†professional, fast, courteus. I recommend him/this†company†to everyone!
Great Job!

West Palm Beach Moving to: Canada

Alex kaganousky

Good work- knowledgeable and helpful. Had a game plan and did a great job of putting it in to place.

Store-All Ė Davie Fl
Moving to: Pointe Verde Beach, Fl

Tyler Schneduren

Excellent packing courteous services.
Berle Markle.

Berle Markle
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Packing Boxes | Package Services | Packers Georgia

Packing/Unpacking Boxes and Shrink Wrapping Furniture

The Most Professional Packers. Providing Packing Boxes & Package Services

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Georgia  Packing/Unpacking Boxes and Shrink Wrapping Furniture

Package Services | Packing Company | Packing Boxes | Packing Service, Inc.Packing Service, Inc. (PSI) is both a full†or partial service packing and unpacking professional service company. Packing Service, Inc. does not charge by the hour, only per item or box to get packed. Our company uses ALL the necessary equipment to make certain your items are secure, protected and cared for while using our pack and load services. As a premier Packing Company, our goal is to explain in detail how our packing services team will complete their job, which items are being packed†and loaded, examples of the supplies to be used, suggestions on measures to be taken to accommodate our clients' needs and ensure the security of their possessions.

Packing Shrink Wrap ProtectionOur Professional Packers will use top quality packaging materials and equipment necessary for the protection of new, used or fragile items, such as your furniture, antiques of all kinds, and any items that are included in your move. We take the greatest care when packing and loading pods containers and rental trucks for each particular move. Packing Service, Inc.ís package services supersede other shipping and moving companies for last minute jobs regardless if your move requires residential, commercial, domestic or international shipping. It doesn't matter if you want to do a self-move, office relocation or are in need of export packers. We ask you all the right questions upfront so we have all the necessary information to ensure that your move will be a smooth experience from beginning to end. With Packing Service, Inc. itís a one stop shop for all your moving and shipping service needs be they for packing/unpacking, loading/unloading, crating or palletizing. We provide all of these services under one umbrella.

At Packing Service, Inc. we only hire professional movers and companies to make certain your valuables are protected every step of the way. We provide the best packing and shipping services in order to take care of your items and remain the premier packing company within the industry. We are proud of our package services and you will see that demonstrated through the quality of our work. We are an extremely professional packing, export packers, packing and shipping company that provides GUARANTEED Flat Rate Quotes for customers who have neither the time nor the resources to effectively and efficiently pack up their home goods and personal belongings.

Every job is different but we try to make it as easy as we can!

We have provided a brief Packing list of items that Packing Service Inc. offers, including our professional package services which we use to pack and load items as well as the supplies we use in doing 100% of our house packing jobs.

Large items and furniture will be wrapped in our premium quality double-padded paper pads for the highest protection during the move. While we complete the packing and loading of Pods containers, we will identify items requiring this protection: dressers, tables, chairs, bookcases, coffee tables, end tables and all wood or metal pieces. Each item will be wrapped, covered and placed in Pods Containers or rental trucks by our professional packing services team.

China and Glassware are packed using only double thickness china packing boxes and are wrapped with unprinted white paper. We take the utmost care of your china and glassware during the packing and unpacking process. We use the optimum suited wrapping for your items preventing any form of discoloration or damage to your valuables. Beware of other packing services that will pack your items with regular newspaper as this will stain your china and glassware. Again, we always treat our customer's property as if it was our own!

Plates and Saucers are wrapped individually also in unprinted paper; they are packed in packing boxes standing upright or laying down with lots of paper so as to further avoid risk of damage.

Bowls are wrapped individually and then they are stacked together from 2 to 6 pieces, wrapped again and packed standing upright in packing boxes.

Cups and Glassware are wrapped by the handles in paper, then are wrapped entirely and are packed in packing boxes with all handles lined up for additional safety during packing and unpacking of the Pods Container or rental truck.

Stemware is wrapped with white packaging paper, china or liquor box with dividers. Glasses are individually wrapped and packed upside down in the box, to ensure security during the packing and loading process.

Books are professionally packed by our packers who stand these items vertically on the bottom edge in book boxes.

Clothing is packed using wardrobe boxes. Any other clothing, blankets and linens are folded and packed in linen boxes. We recommend emptying all dressers and chests as the added weight can make them difficult to move and more susceptible to damage.

Pots and Pans are packed using large boxes stacking these items together with packing paper inserts.

When packing lamps and lampshades we remove the shades and bulbs and wrap these items in layers of paper and place them in a box on their base. Lampshades are wrapped lightly in paper, neatly nested one inside the other and are packed in separate boxes.

Electronic Equipment is multi-wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a dedicated box.

Packing Service Inc. uses only professional packers to wrap pictures, using bubble-wrap for extra protection; valuable pieces may need to be professionally crated by us, all at a flat rate. Estimating how many boxes will be needed while packing your valuables will vary from packing to crating. This will depend upon what is to be packed and how it will be packed. The ease of access to the pickup and destination address is also a factor. However, you will always receive our guaranteed flat rate per box.

Small Studio = 10-15 boxes
Medium Studio = 15-20 boxes
Large Studio = 20-25 boxes
Small 1 Bedroom Apt. = 10-20 boxes
Medium 1 Bedroom Apt. = 20-30 boxes
Large 1 Bedroom with Children = 40-60 boxes
Small 2 Bedroom Apt. = 40-55 boxes
Medium 2 Bedroom Apt. = 55-60 boxes
2 Bedrooms (3-5 Years) with Children 50-70
2 Bedrooms (5-7 Years) with Children 70-80
3 Bedrooms Home with Children 80-100
4 Bedrooms Home with Children 100-200

Package Services | Packing Company | Packing Boxes | Packing Service, Inc.Every household is different, so the number of boxes will vary, along with the price, and this is only an approximation. However, we always use flat rate moving quotes to ensure customer satisfaction while saving them money. Our packers will pack and load all items and use wooden crates when needed, such as for machine packing. Our professional packing company services can extend to cover the dismantling of large furniture items and subsequent reassembling; we can deal with difficult access, doors, stairs etc., at the time of††Packing and Loading Pods containers or rental trucks. Please discuss your needs or requests with our representative and we will be more than happy to help you.

All the services provided will be different with each job that we complete as our service is personalized for you, our customer. Whether we are providing boxes for packaging or international containers for long distance shipping or moving, if we are packing and loading Pods containers, rental trucks, ABF / U-Pack trailers or even using custom crates for machine packing, no other company will provide the level of service and professionalism all while ensuring your total satisfaction using the best staff and materials in the industry. Our expert packing services are unmatched and our export packers are well trained professionals who are always prepared for each job and are ready to provide any or all of our services as requested. We urge you to call our representatives to get a guaranteed flat rate quote for packing boxes, packing fragile items, packing and shipping, wrapping furniture and packing your antique items.

Packing Service, Inc. provides export packers for international Packing and shipping. Our export packing teams use only the best quality packaging supplies for international packing and shipping and provide the most premium package services available. This includes crates and package services across the U.S. as well as our export packers for your international packing and shipping needs. We also provide services for local moves and of course our assistance with long distance relocation and the use of international containers as well as transporting items to your new office and even machine packing. Our company offers the best packing services and the most professional staff to handle each job. With our company there are No Hidden Costs, No Extra Charges, No Misunderstandings and No Time charges whatsoever. We are professionals; we only operate by Flat Rate Quotes. Call Packing Service, Inc. now, and let us give you a guaranteed flat rate quote and a stress free move.

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Packing Service, Inc. (PSI) is a 100% professional Packing Services company. We opened our doors in 2003 and since then have maintained an unprecedented 97% customer satisfaction rate. We are also proud members of the Better Business Bureau rated A+ … Continue reading
Packing Service, Inc. (PSI) is a professional Loading Company that has been providing load services for over eleven years and has maintained a 97% customer satisfaction rate. PSI is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau rate A+ consistently … Continue reading