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To whom it may concern:

Just because of the website I found out about the bad reputation that moving companies have and why, it is very hard to move, maybe the hardest thing, because you don't know where the items you have been working for all your life is, after the moving company picked them up.

I found out about PACKING SERVICE, INC. before I had to move, I was looking for a moving company in the Internet and PACKING SERVICE, INC. send me an email about information of how not to get ripped off by moving companies, I called them and they were very professional by sending someone to my place with no obligations, when one of their employee came to tell me how much it will cost me to pack my items, he showed me some pictures of how they packed furniture and boxes, I was very impressed, I got some more information about moving scams and how to pick a good moving company that will move my belongings and I will not have to be scared by moving my items with a company that I do not know.

At the beginning of the packing day, I felt very nervous, but when they came to pack, I was relieved and very impressed by PACKING SERVICE, INC. employees that packed my stuff, they packed my items in a very professional way and they treated my item like it was their own. the move that I had was not so good, they were late to deliver my items by two weeks, so please who ever is reading this letter, be careful, I will recommend PACKING SERVICE, INC. to any one that is relocating.
Jack E McDonald

Jack E McDonald

Quick and efficient. Everything was pack in as small a space as possible.


Great all around. Time and packing. Will use again.
Joan Gleason.

Joan Gleason
Door To Door

Shrink Wrapping | Pallet Furniture | Palletizing Georgia

Pallet Boxes | Palletizers - Flat Rate Quotes

Shrink Wrapping Palletizing Services, Pallet Furniture & Boxes, Palletizers

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Georgia  Pallet Boxes | Palletizers - Flat Rate Quotes

Packing Service, Inc. (PSI) is a 100% professional shrink wrapping and Palletizing Company. PSI has been in business since 2003 and in over 11 years has a 97% customer satisfaction rate. PSI is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau rate A+ consistently since 2007. Each and every one of our palletizers must have experience providing shrink wrapping and palletizing services for at least one year before they can work with our company. We are professionals and we will only work with other professionals who are serious about delivering only the best in shrink wrapping and palletizing services nationwide. Regardless if you require us to palletize boxes, palletize machinery or palletize furniture; PSI’s team of palletizing professionals can handle any job and any size item in a fraction of the time it will take those other guys. We only use quality wooden pallets built strong and purposeful for either domestic or international Shipping. As with all our services, our shrink wrapping and palletizing will always be provided at one guaranteed flat rate quote. We will never provide you an estimate that will change, we provide only flat rate quotes for each and every service we offer!

Shrink Wrapping Palletizing | Pallet Furniture | Pallet Boxes | PalletizersA pallet, often referred to as a "skid" is a flat-wooden transporting structure that carries possessions to be lifted by a forklift, pallet jack, front loader or other jacking device.

Remember Packing Service, Inc. whenever you require professional palletizers to palletize boxes, palletize furniture or palletize machinery. Our shrink wrap palletizing services are second to none and always performed by experienced professionals at one guaranteed flat rate quote. PSI is the professional shrink wrapping and palletizing company that can handle any size job and ship your items both internationally and domestic. All our pallet services are provided with quality wood pallets made specific for either domestic or international Shipping and all the materials we use are top quality as we are professionals and you deserve nothing less than the best for your hard earned money.

Shrink Wrapping Palletizing | Pallet Furniture | Pallet Boxes | PalletizersCheck out our palletizer systems:

*We place the strongest and heaviest pieces on the bottom and go as high as we can (best way to go is 5-6 foot high).
*We strap your items to the pallet (usually 40"x48" or 40"x40").
*Ensure the Shrink Wrap Palletizing also grabs all sides of the pallet.
*Cover the top of your pallet with shrink wrap to keep your cargo clean and safe.
*Shrink Wrap 2 to 4 layers of shrink wrap should be applied to include the top.

Shrink wrap palletizing services entail our professional palletizing crew or palletizers placing your items on quality wooden pallets, wrapping the item(s), strapping them down to the pallet and shrink wrapping them directly to the pallet preparing them for shipping. When requesting shrink wrap palletizing services, always inform the company providing you the services whether the items will be shipped domestic or international as international shipments require heat treated wood and this will prevent you from wasting valuable time and money. Remember you do not want an estimate for your shrink wrapping and palletizing services; you want a guaranteed flat rate quote!
Regardless if you must palletize boxes, palletize furniture or palletize machinery with our company there are No Hidden Costs, No Extra Charges, No Misunderstandings and No Time Charges at all. Professionals with Flat Rate Quotes Only, call or email us today for a flat rate quote:
888-722-5774 |

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